1963 Ka6CR

For Sale $7,000

How to get more info

If you are interested in more pictures of this aircraft you can contact gabriele@gabrielebaberart.com

Microair Radio

Total Energy Ilec VArio

Trailer included

Cobra Dolly

Modern Avionics


Owned and maintained by owner A&P

Annuals done by another mechanic.

Aircraft condition:

This craft is in excellent condition. Owner is an A&P mechanic and takes good care of our airplanes!


Excellent Condition, Microair Radio, Total Energy Ilec vario, Winter Vario, Enclosed trailer included, with modern tow out gear (Cobra dolly and ramp). Makes assembly a snap. Great Light condition sailplane. Has modern avionics using Total Energy that really enhances soaring capability. Very affordable flying!

The reason for selling this airplane is that we bought a power plane so our kids can fly. (and to go see the new grandbaby) Four our of five of us are pilots and the youngest wants to get her ticket.

glider tail

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